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kpop. dogs & cats. coffee. rainy days. ghibli films. fashion. coquette. reading. making carrds.
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Before You Follow
I may sound very dry when chatting. very sarcastic. I often talk about my faves. not spoiler free. I keyboard smash and curse A LOT. I used tone tags especially with people I'm not close with.
Do Not Interact
If you fit the basic dni criteria. you're -13 or 20+. anti of my favs. toxic and engages in fanwars. _____phobic. a proshipper. invalidate neopronouns. fetishizes asians. problematic in general.

spy x family, dr. stone, houseki no kuni, kimi ni todoke, kono oto tomare, blue lock, chainsaw man, tokyo aliens
Manhwas & Webtoons
a beloved existence, villains are destined to die, the villainess turns the hourglass, daytime star, wind breaker, unholy blood, eleceed, romance 101
seventeen, gfriend viviz, dreamcatcher, the boyz, fifty fifty, iu, chungha, bol4, big naughty, meenoi, seori, chanmina, beabadoobee, taylor swift